So finally Mamata delivered her promise made to her Muslim masters. Well, its nothing new, it’s a déjà vu in recent days.

 In the new bill passed by the West Bengal government now the places where Muslim population is greater than 10% will have their language entitled as the second official language.

According to the bill as Mamata and her fellow partymen inside the cabinet said, people could write official documents in Urdu.

Asansol, Raniganj belt is now falling under this Urdu radar.

But can we raise one question now? Those aware with the demography of the area quiet well know that in this area more than 50% dwellers are HINDI speaker. But despite being the national language too, this language never received the status.

This is extreme case of insult of our national language and a shameless illustration of the muslim appeasement of the so called secular government.

Oh, I forgot, this government is GREEN in colour.

Nice fate Hindus are having.

Next time, who knows Pakistan  be the higher authority of the city, not India.  


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