Hindu Jagran Manch Zilla Sammelan हिन्दू जागरण मंच आसनसोल जिला सम्मलेन

The Zilla Sammelan of

Hindu Jagran Manch Asansol

Event Date:- February 12, 2012.

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Since its emergence in the city a couple of month ago, the Asansol branch of Hindu Jagran Manch successfully observed the 1st Zilla Sammelan i.e. district level congregation on 12 February in Arya Kanya Vidyalaya in Ushagram area in the eastern part of the city. Keeping in mind the recent com munal developments in the city aimed at the complete Islamization of the city administration, the people of Asansol needed a democratic resistance force to safeguard their honor. The HJM Asansol takes an oath to stand on this regard.

Exactly one month after the day that is celebrated as the Youth Day (12 Jan, Swamiji’s b’day), more than a thousand youth activists assembled in the hall. The function was inaugurated at 10 am by garlanding the portrait of the holy mother, Bharatmata by the Prant Pracharak (regional preacher) Mr Dilip Ghosh and the Prant Mahamantri Mr Swarup Dutta. The chorus of the young girls on the inaugurating song Vandemataram sent a patriotic wave through the pulses of the youths present over there.

Swarup Dutta addressing

The entire program was divided into three schedules, in the first part Deep Prajwalan (the enlightening ceremony) was done by the guests. Mr Swarup Dutta addressed the congregation through his inspirational speech. His speech was mainly aimed at throwing some light on the retreating nature of the Hindus under the so called liberal influenced caused by the pseudo-secularism and under the political pressure issued by the rivals. He warned the mass that if today they don’t wake up and ask their rights and safeguard it, hell is waiting for them. The endless claps were evidencing the magnitude of depth he penetrated into the hearts of the youth through his fiery speech.

Speech by Dilip Ghosh

The next speech was delivered by the regional preacher Mr Dilip Ghosh that was more hardcore in nature. He reminded the mass of their idols, their Gods and Goddesses who are decorated by weapons more than by jewels. It bears a deep meaning, take out weapons when you have it as the last thing to safeguard you and your nation’s self. The entire world is watching that the people of the Indian origin are at the top of all fields. They are hoping for Indians in general and Hindus in particular to come out and save them from the recent global communal warming to which the world is losing the real peace. It’s high time for the Hindus to rely on the command of Swamiji who ordained Hinduism at the top of all religions in Chicago in 1889 congregation of religions organized by the Christians, Uttishthita jagrata Prapya Baran Nivodhata i.e. Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached.

Now it was the time for lunch, in a purely desi style, the native dish in congregation, The Great Indian Khichdi. Some of young activists who are common faces at the desk of the pizza huts even made a comparison between the foreign and the native food and voted for the latter. They were enthusiast for The Taste of the Nation.

After the lunch the program got interactive, something very common in conventional congregations. The activists asked various questions related to the organizational, social and religious issues and the top brass answered them all patiently to the satisfaction of the questioners. Around 4 pm the program met a successful end.

MONU VERMA , the boy who was killed By TMC on VIJAY DASHMI-2011

[ click here to download the report as PDF file:- zilla sammelan 12 feb 2012


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