Kashmiri Muslim shawl seller beaten by teenage Hindu girl near Asansol, West Bengal

Burnpur, Asansol.

Titu Bharti, HJM Asansol.

He was trying to seduce a baby girl with his lusty satanism, but it was foiled by another young girl, her  elder sister. He was trusted by the family as only a shawl seler but he come out to be an exploiter. Today he was supposed to be in his kashmir, but he is ending up in a hospital.

In a locality near the Burnpur suburb of Asansol, a bengali Jew(those whose Kuldevta is Lord Shree Ram)was the customer of a shawl seller from Kashmir. They sell shawl in installments and recover the money at the knock of summer and return to their home. Yesterday on 11 march, at 5 pm the Kashmiri seller “Md Jaan”, a 28 years old muslim seller

 came to collect his assets from the family whose seniors were out of home for some obvious reasons.

The family has 3 daughters, one in nursery, another in 4th class and the eldest just appeared matriculation this year who always eyed the seller as a lusty satan and kept away from him. Md Jaan always baught some chocolates for the two babies. The seniors of the family always took it as the love and tenderness for a child, they never thaught that the choclates were actually the instruments of lust.

Yesterday when

Pretty hid in a corner the eldest daughter Pretty (name changed on request) told him to wait till her parents come home and she got busy with her teacher in her post exam reviews, she noticed that Md Jaan has already managed to drag her youngest sister near him and the middle one away from him. She started smelling some wrong motives when suddenly the middle sister started keeping away from Md Jaan. She revealed to Pretty that she felt some kind of discomfort with his “touch”. This is the adolscence period of the girls and she had started recognize the good innocent touch and rouge touch but could not tell it clearly to anyone on fear.

 to observe the real face of the satan and he found that the hug given by Jaan to the nursery baby was not love but lust. She felt hatred to the man and out of this sheer hatred she bet him with the closest object she got. He got an injury and when he jumped on her to avenge it, the teacher came in hurry to see what happened. They with the help of neighbours nabbed him and bet him so tremendously that he needed to be hospitalized.

The next day that is today morning the community of these kashmiri shawl sellers filed an FIR that Md Jaan was bet up because he came

 to take the money. The police arrived to arrest the girl that was foiled by the women of the locality who obstackled the way of the female police constables. The false FIR was withdrawn when the babies’ evidences were tested by police and the teacher told them the happenings. The women hatefully shouted to the Kashmiri’s, “we are the people who don’t pay for the shawls, isnt it? So don’t ever come here to sell your shawls and take the money you get from us, right by today.”

The other residents of the locality are also stunned by the incident and it seems that after the real black face of the Kashmiri shawl sellers is exposed, they will ban them permanently.